Tips from The Water Heater Man on How Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water!

No matter how great your water heater is, you may still run out of hot water after heavy usage. Whether your family members rotate through the shower or have loads of laundry and dishes to do, you might reach the end of that hot water supply with a conventional hot water heater.

Tips and Tricks to Keep the Hot Water Flowing


Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water

  1. Never run the dishwasher if it isn’t full. The dishwasher can use an excess of water if it isn’t full.
  2. Don’t forget maintenance for your water heater and fixtures.
  3. Sort your laundry and combine piles to form whole loads. Try not to run the washing machine if you don’t have a full load. You can also use cold cycle for towels and other durable items.
  4. Turn the faucet off. It’s easy to forget this simple habit, but it is really important. If you’re brushing your teeth, you don’t need the hot water running into the sink. Instead of washing dishes under a continuous stream of hot water, let them soak in hot water before you scrub and rinse.
  5. Low-flow faucets and aerating showerheads help you use less hot water; You’ll see the results over the year.
  6. If you’re in need of a new washing machine or dishwasher, research the energy-efficient models.

These tips should help you conserve hot water and save money on your energy bill. If you do have a water heater problem that doesn’t seem to get better, call our team. We’ll take care of your water heater repair quickly, so you can get back to your routine.

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