Commercial Water Heater Service

Food Service Industry Water Heater installed by the water heater manThe Water Heater Man specialize in the repair, service, and installation of water heaters in the Food Service Industry

Catering to the food service industry requires additional energy; Prepping food for a full restaurant is a bigger task than making dinner for the family at home. That’s why restaurant owners and food-industry pros know that the equipment behind the scenes is very important.

A guest at the restaurant won’t judge you on your water heater, but a smooth operation does depend on solid systems. The water heater you choose for your restaurant, catering company, or other food service industry business can improve operations.

When you choose the correct industrial water heater, the entire company is able to be more economical, smart and efficient. Reduce wasted time, energy, and work by selecting the right water heater system for your needs.

Water Heater Sizing

Are you trying to decide what size water heater your business needs? Our team is ready to help you determine the right water heater sizing. We will help you explore the equipment options and compare those choices with your needs. We discuss the number of sinks, dishwashers, pot washers, and other units you plan. Then we explore the specifications for each. This helps us understand the size that would best serve your needs.

Industrial Water Heater Installation

The Water Heater Man team is ready to handle your restaurant’s water heater installation. We are trained and have experience working with these systems. The Water Heater Man is here to help as you prepare your new foodservice business with a new water heater or replace an existing water heater. The Water Heater Man of Kansas City knows you have a choice and we thank you very much for choosing us to take care of your hot water needs. Call (913) 742-1477 for your service need or contact us with any questions you may have.