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It is important to work with a commercial water heater installer who knows their products. Many commercial water heaters are set up specifically for the requirements of the commercial or industrial building. We can also supply customized water heaters for businesses needs.

Incorrect Installation Is The Main Reason Water Heaters Fail.

There are many differences between commercial and residential water heaters. A commercial or industrial building will require more regulations than a standard residential water heater. The reason is that commercial buildings, in general, are designed to support more people, requiring more continuous output or function from the water heater. Commercial water heaters are built to handle the extra demand for ongoing continuous use. They are larger in size and made with the stronger material versus a residential water heater so they can accommodate more usage.

Commercial water heaters are also required to function at a higher range of temperatures in order to process greater amounts of water hot.  What this means is that the water heater will have larger British Thermal Units or BTU’s rating than the average residential heater. Most commercial buildings require additional regulations for plumbing, and the water heater setup is no different. Commercial water heater systems are often more complex than a residential water heater systems.

Professional Commercial Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

The Water Heater Man suggests that when installing or repairing a commercial water heater that you work with a professional who knows your particular system.  All commercial water heater systems are designed to operate according to specific manufacturer specifications, and your contractor should be knowledgeable of your specific water heater. The technical experience and expertise of your should not be overlooked. At The Water Heater Man are team members are the local experts in commercial water heaters. We pride ourselves on continuing education and training, so we can better services your system.

The Water Heater Man of Kansas City knows you have a choice, and we thank you very much for choosing us to take care of your hot water needs. Call (913) 742-1477 for your service need or contact us with any questions you may have.